Kinetic Balance

Kinetic Balance

Kinetic Balance designs and produces premium adaptive clothing and apparel for wheelchair users. The products are specifically designed to wear and use in wheelchairs. This design philosophy is very important and marks the roots of the brand. Our range consists of jeans, pullovers, jackets, bags and raindeks. All of them designed from a seated perspective. Experience the fit and quality that wheelchair riders need. Support and enjoy your way of moving.


Kinetic Balance has fifteen years of experience in the ‘Positioning Products Industry’. We design and produce belts and harnesses of superb quality. These products are developed for the professional market and are not sold to consumers directly. If you are part of the professional dealer network and want to find out more, check the ‘dealer information’ button.

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Kinetic Balance believes the term ‘adaptive clothing’ is not appropriate, we rather call it ‘Chair Riding Apparel’. Our aim is to become and stay the number one brand that is available for seated people and their way of moving. Wheelchair users deserve wheelchair clothing and apparel that is both functional and stylish, both state of the art and durable. You want to look good and want to wear clothing that fits and is comfortable.

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Kinetic balance is very proud of the team of ambassadors. Every team member is unique, but they have one important thing in common: they are all generally very cool people! The team might be the most important and valuable asset for Kinetic Balance. They daily provide Kinetic Balance with feedback. Next to that, their unique stories and lifestyles are incredibly inspiring. Find out what thrives them and what products are their favorites. Hit that ‘meet the team’ button.

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QT jacket stands for Quad and Tet jacket. (Quadriplegic and Tetraplegic). This revolutionary jacket is developed with the help of our quadriplegic ambassadors. Together we came up with the 50/50 fit. This means that the waist is always one size up compared to the shoulders. The ideal solution to take care of the ‘belly’ and ensure a good fit around the shoulders.