Stylish & Functional Adaptive Clothing

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Among people who need extra care, such as those residing in nursing homes or people who experiencing physical limitations, the focus often centers around nutrition and exercise, leaving clothing undervalued. However, fashion is not solely about looking good; it also involves feeling comfortable. Where do you feel at ease? And what do you want to convey? Clothing plays a significant role in shaping your identity. At Kinetic Balance, we prioritize listening to the preferences of our users to provide that extra boost of confidence.

Kinetic Balance clothing is specifically designed to offer comfort in a seated position. Consider sitting in a wheelchair with a long coat – far from comfortable. Our beloved wheelchair jackets address this by reinforcing the sleeve bottoms where arms touch the wheels, and the sleeve ends are shaped to avoid interference with hands and rims.

Stretch Fabric

Our clothing features stretchable fabric that moves harmoniously with the body. Lightweight and flowing materials allow the skin to breathe, significantly reducing the risk of chafing, irritation, and overheating.

Seamless Design & Easily Accessible Pockets

Seams in jeans or other rigid materials can create pressure points on the skin over time. Seamless designs decrease the risk of pressure points, skin irritation, and compromised circulation. Our wheelchair jeans have no seams or back pockets, only front pockets that are easily reached and utilized even from a seated position, providing optimal convenience.

Closure Options

Standard zippers and buttons may not be suitable for individuals with limited hand function. Kinetic Balance proudly offers adaptive clothing with magnetic closures and zippers. Additionally, we advocate for the ‘rule of the thumb,’ with some of our items featuring zipper pulls for easier opening and closing.

In conclusion, it’s evident that the importance of comfortable and fashionable adaptive clothing for wheelchair users or those requiring extra care is often overlooked. Kinetic Balance not only focuses on comfort and functionality in seated positions but also emphasizes promoting self-expression. Recognizing that fashion extends beyond clothing, playing a crucial role in people’s well-being and identity, it’s time to highlight inclusivity in the fashion world, striving for clothing that allows everyone to navigate life comfortably and confidently.