Wheelchair bags

Kinetic Balance

Kinetic Balance is a leading brand that produces stylish bags specially designed for wheelchair use. With a versatile collection of three unique bags, Kinetic Balance offers practical solutions for wheelchair users in different situations. In this text we will introduce the three types of Kinetic Balance bags: the Rack Pack, the Backrest Commuter Day Pack and the Backrest Travel Pack. Discover how these bags can contribute to the convenience and style of wheelchair users in their daily lives.

  1. Rack Pack – Compact and convenient. The Rack Pack is a small bag specially designed to be attached to the wheelchair frame. This is done with the help of the so-called care adapter. You attach the rack pack to the side of your wheelchair, so that you always have it within reach. With its compact size, the Rack Pack offers enough space for essential personal items such as keys, wallet and mobile phone. The handy attachment keeps the bag securely in place, allowing wheelchair users easy access to their most important belongings without compromising their mobility.
  2. Backrest Commuter Pack – Ideal for everyday use. The Commuter Day Pack is a versatile bag that hangs from the back of the wheelchair. For example, this bag is perfect for wheelchair users who go to work or school every day. With ample storage space and convenient compartments, users can keep their essentials organized and within reach. Whether documents, a laptop or other personal items, the Commuter Pack ensures that everything is safe and easily accessible during daily activities. This bag also has a handy bottle holder to always be able to easily take your drinking bottle.
  3. Backrest Travel Pack – Room for adventure. The Travel Pack is the largest bag in the Kinetic Balance collection and offers wheelchair users space and organization for their adventures beyond the daily routine. This bag has multiple compartments and offers enough space for laptop, office supplies, drinking bottle, sunglasses, clothes, toiletries and other essentials for a weekend trip or a short trip. With the Travel Pack, wheelchair users can enjoy the convenience of a handy storage solution that hangs from the back of their wheelchair.

Kinetic Balance offers wheelchair users a versatile and practical collection of bags. From the compact and handy Rack Pack to the everyday functionality of the Backrest Commuter Pack and the space for adventure with the Travel Pack, Kinetic Balance has a suitable bag for every situation. These specially designed bags allow wheelchair users to keep their personal items safe and organised, while enjoying the convenience and stylish look that Kinetic Balance offers.