Ydwer’s Adventures with Kinetic Balance

Meet Ydwer, the adventurous photographer who travels the world and recently released his epic photo book “Unseen.” This book showcases photos of kitesurfers in the most breathtaking locations worldwide. Despite significant challenges, Ydwer sees opportunities where others see limitations. “Where it stops for others, it starts for me,” says Ydwer determinedly.

After a surfing accident in February 2021 turned his world upside down, it didn’t stop him from pursuing his passions with even more enthusiasm. “That hasn’t changed; I see my life in a wheelchair as the biggest challenge so far.” The outdoors, the sea, and sports are more important than ever. Giving up is not in his vocabulary. “I have the drive to always keep going,” says Ydwer with a smile, “Giving up is my worst skill.”

As a positive thinker, Ydwer has the natural ability to motivate and activate others by just being himself. “How beautiful is that?” he says with a smile. As a Kinetic Balance fan, he enthusiastically shares how this clothing has truly transformed his life. Especially during his handbike adventures and photoshoots on the beach, the trendy and comfortable outdoor clothing proves to be a game-changer.

For someone who frequently ventures out in various weather conditions, sustainability and functionality in wheelchair clothing are essential. It ensures that he stays warm, stylish, and comfortable, tailored to the unique challenges of his lifestyle. Kinetic Balance’s adaptable style perfectly aligns with Ydwer’s active lifestyle, where functionality goes hand in hand with fashion. The clothing meets his specific needs, provides a comfortable fit, and maintains a modern look.

His favorite? The Kinetic Balance Slim Fit jeans with magnetic closure! According to Ydwer, an indispensable item in his wardrobe.