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How can I place an order
If you would like to buy one of our products just click on ‘Place in shopping cart’. To finalize your order, click on the shopping cart which you’ll find at the top right of your screen. You’ll then be taken to the payment process page where you can fill in your delivery and billing address and choose your method of payment.

Can I change my order
When you’ve placed and paid for your order, it’s prepared for transport almost immediately. As soon as the status of your order is ‘completed’, you can no longer change your order. If you wish you can return the entire order or any items that you don’t want using the return procedure.

I can’t log in.
If you’re experiencing problems trying to log in to the website, please check which error message you are receiving. The most common error is typing in a wrong email address or password. You can always choose to create a new password if you wish.

Can I choose a different delivery address?
Yes, during check-out, you can choose to ‘Add a new address’ where you can enter a different address than the billing address.

What size should I order?
To find your size, check our ‘size chart’ which converts your body measurements into Kinetic Balance clothing sizes.

How do I create an account?
Click on ‘Login’ at the top right. Choose ‘Create account’.

Can I create a new password?
Click on ‘Forgotten password?’ and enter your email address. In a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with a link to a page where you can enter a new password.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order?
Yes. We’ll send you a confirmation email after receiving your order. If you think that money been taken from your bank account and you have not received a confirmation email then please check your spam folder. If you have created an account, your order will also be visible on your account page.

How can I track my order?
You can check the status of your order on your account page. When your order has been fully processed, the status will change to ‘completed’. When the package is on your way, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking link of that shipment.

Please note the tracking link is only activated the moment the carrier has received the package.

Can I cancel my order?
That depends on the shipping status. Please contact info@kinetic-balance.com as soon as possible and have your order number ready.
Once your order has been processed, it can no longer be cancelled.


How can I track my order?
You can check the status of your order on your account page. When your order has been fully processed, the status will change to ‘completed’. When the package is on your way, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking link of that shipment.

Please note the tracking link is only activated the moment the carrier has received the package.

What are the delivery costs?
Yes we charge for deliveries within European countries. For orders above €200 we do not charge shipping costs. For worldwide shipping the amount depends on where we need to ship to and how fast you selected the shipping to be. You will see the amount for the shipping costs before checkout.

What is the delivery time?
The delivery time is approximately 1-6 working days for countries within the EU. Worldwide shipping can take between 5-14 days.
Please be aware that dispatch may take longer during busy times.

Where can I receive my order?
We deliver worldwide.

1) You can pick up your order (and a cup of coffee) at our warehouse. The address is:

Kinetic Balance BV
Scheepmakerstraat 27
2222 AB Katwijk aan Zee
The Netherlands

2) Or you can ship your order to your home, office or another address (no P.O. boxes).


Which payment methods are available?
At the bottom of each page, you’ll find the different payment methods.

Will I receive an invoice of my order?
Yes, you will. You will receive the invoice after your order is processed till shipment. We will update you by e-mail with the invoice attached.


Where can I change my details?
You can change your personal details in your Kinetic Balance account. After login, go to ‘My account’ to change your personal information.

My question is not listed here.
For any question not answered in this FAQ or website, please send your question to customerservice@kinetic-balance.com.

Where are the General Terms and Conditions?
You’ll find our Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link “Terms & Conditions” at the bottom of each page.

Where is the Privacy Policy?
Click on “Privacy Policy” at the bottom of each page.

I would like to work for Kinetic Balance. Are there any vacancies?
Thank you for your interest, please send us an email at info@kinetic-balance.com
To inform us about your skills, motivation and action plan is highly appreciated!


How can I return my order?
You can return an article up to 30 days after receiving it.

The items you wish to return must only be fitted, not worn or washed. Of course, we are happy for you to try the items on, to see whether they fit and meet your expectations.

When returning products, make sure to keep their original labels on and send them back in their original packaging. Fill in the attached Return form and put it in the packaging with the items you wish to return.

On the supplied return form please mark which item(s) you are returning. Make sure to always add the return form into the package.
On the supplied return form, you can tick the articles that you wish to send back. Add this form, together with the articles in your parcel
We ask you to return the unused product with tags included within 30 days of the purchase date.

We will refund the purchase price as soon as possible, but no later than 4 weeks after the cancellation. Be aware that your credit card company may require an additional 3-7 days to post the credit to your account.
We will wait with the refund until we have received the items back.
As soon as we have registered your return shipment, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail.

What are the return options?
You can return your online order to our warehouse, the address is:
Kinetic Balance BVScheepmakerstraat 27
2222 AB Katwijk aan Zee
the Netherlands

For all ways to return items please fill in the attached return form and put the form back in the return packaging.

When will I receive my money?
Return payments will be handled asap, but not later then 4 weeks after we received the products back. Please be aware that credit card companies can take up to 7 days extra before the return payment shows on your account.

Can I return an order if I no longer have the original packaging?
Yes. Please put the items you want to return in sturdy packaging (cardboard box) so they will not be damaged during transport. Please make sure to fill in the attached return form and put the form in your return packaging.

Can I exchange an item for another size?
Unfortunately, we cannot exchange any articles. The purchase amount of all the returned items will be reimbursed as soon as we received them back. if you wish to exchange a product you will need to return the undesired product for a full refund and place a new order for your replacement at www.kinetic-balance.com.

Can I return an item that I purchased at a third party retailer or Experience Centre?
Yes you can. Proof of purchase is required. Please go to – returns.kinetic-balance.com to initiate the return process, or download our return form here

I received a damaged or defective item?
Please send an email to info@kinetic-balance.com and let us know what is wrong. We will look at the issue and workout a suitable solution as soon as possible.


How do I choose the right size.
Kinetic Balance uses standard European sizing, you should pick the size you have as usual. If in doubt you can consult our size chart. Please understand we want to keep it simple, if you are used to a jeans size 32 or jacket size Large, that should be your choice for our clothing as well. If in between sizes, we suggest to pick the larger option.

Can I see and feel your products?
Yes you can at our office in Katwijk. You’ll also get a cup of coffee.
To feel the products you could also go to one of our dealers. Check out the locator for all the locations.

What is so special on your clothing for wheelchair users/ Seated People?
Our clothes are designed for a seated posture. That is special if you are a wheelchair user, because up to now 99.999 percent of clothing is made for standing or walking. The other 0.001% of clothing that could fit you probably forgot about style, performance and looks.

What does this design for a Seated Posture mean?
It means a lot, it means our products are not just adapted or improved, Design wise they are truly made from a seated starting point.
This ensures a better fit, a better performance, less energy loss and a much better look.

Besides above it also means you get ‘at least’ the same standard as ‘high end’ mainstream clothing.
For production, we work with the best fabrics, technologies, techniques, machinery and above all, the most awesome people that truly support our case.

So it means you get a high end product, great fit, fabulous finishing and superb quality, if not? Please send it back with your comments and we’ll improve wherever we can.

Can I stand or walk in your clothes?
Yes you can, you will surely notice the lousy fit and forever understand why seated people should not wear clothing made for walking or standing. Do not get us wrong, it is absolutely no problem to change from a seated position to a standing or laying in our clothes.

Where are your products produced?
Our production facilities are in the East. China, Taiwan, Thailand and Laos.

What’s your take on Plastic.
Our products are free of single use plastic. Packaging is either a cotton bag or a compostable bag.

What is a compostable bag, can I grow tomato’s in it?
A compostable bag can indeed be used to grow tomato’s, not in it but on it. Our compostable bags are made of organic material and decompose within a year when underground. They are totally harmless to our environment.


What makes your jeans so special?
Our jeans use a complete new fabric. This material determines the fit, the comfort the feel and the look and we have it specially made, in top-notch Denim Mills in Japan. The trick is that we’ve created a 4 way stretch into our denim. The main objective here is to add stretch in the length of the jeans (where often denim has only stretch in the width) Stretch in the length translates to less friction on the skin, during small but evident movements in your chair. With stretch the skin is better protected at the seating area and the knees.

Another advantage is that our ‘length stretch’ makes it very easy to tune the length of the jeans, No more cold ankles or ‘high tide’ jeans. Hurray!

What else?
The waist of our jeans is in a natural horizontal position when seated, this not only means a much better look, but also a much better fit. Because of the design and fit there is no pressure on the abdominals, this saves a lot of energy or even stomach or intestine problems.

-How about the length, you don’t offer length sizes?
As mentioned above our jeans have stretch in the length direction, adding an extra length size can be created just by pulling down the jeans on the lower part of the legs. Furthermore our jeans are already adjusted to a seated position. Therefore the legs are already ‘quite a bit’ longer, compared to ‘normal’ jeans.

Also the ankle cuff is a bit skew, we mean they are slightly longer at the backside then the front side. Convenient to keep the ankles warm, even more when if the feet are in a wedged position on the footplate.

-What about the seat part?
The seat part is kept as clean and flat as possible to minimize stress on the skin. The back mid-seam is a so called ‘Chino seam’ which is a very flat seam. We’ve done this to prevent bulky denim wobbles that can cause skin problems. Obviously, there are no back pockets and we have limited the amount of belt loops on the back.
Last but not least the back yoke (positioned at the lowerback) is without inside lining, to keep it thin and comfortable on the skin.

How about side pockets?
Yes there are side pockets and a coin or condom pocket (depends on what you use it for), just like any respectful jeans. The difference is our construction allows you to use the side pockets when seated. We deliberately choose not to put the pockets somewhere halfway up the legs. We want to offer you Denim Jeans, not workwear or MacGyver pants.

Jackets & Pullover

How is the fit of your jackets and pullovers different?
Our fit is made for a Seated posture. Our jackets have many advantages for (active) wheelchair users compared to mainstream clothing ‘made for walking’. If we start top down, our jackets have a Hood specially designed for vision when worn, our hood is adjustable to fine tune it and to make sure the hood doesn’t block any of your sight.

Our collar has a 12 degree bigger slope compared to normal jackets. In a Seated position the head moves forwards and thus is a change in collar direction needed to comfortably close around the neck. Done!

We created extra space between the shoulderblades for extra range of motion of the arms.
The front center line lenght is reduced drastically to cancel all excess material that would just sit on the belly and make it look like wearing 20pounds extra.
The sleeves are slightly longer to keep the wrists covered when reaching or handbiking.
Our pockets are entered from the middle to the side instead of vice versa. This way the pockets are much easier to use and nothing will fall out.
The wristcuffs and lower arm are slightly more fitted. This is done to make sure the cuffs stay at the wrist instead of sliding down to the hand palms.

The Raindek® is a quick and easy solution to keep the rain off the legs, crotch and cushion. It’s a rain jacket for the legs. The standard version cuddles the knees and there is a long version that runs up to the ankle. For the long version, we trust you use proper shoes, so we don’t cover the feet on purpose.
The Raindek® is made of breathable, wind and waterproof material. Its seams are taped and the product is finished as a high end outdoor garment should be.
After use the Raindek® can be folded into its own pocket to store it nice and dry.

-Breathable wind- and waterproof material
-Taped seams
-Welded laser pocket.
-Laser eyelets and elastic tight rope.
-Adjustable 20mm webbing with quick release buckles.
-Reflective logo print.
-Hanger loop
-Silicon Grip print on elastic strap


How do your bags connect to my chair?
Please check our bags carefully, we have items that can be connected to the frame of your chair, regardless of size or shape of the frame tubes.
For this you do need to have or order the care-adapter. The care adapter is needed for the following item:

Rack pack small

Other bag styles such as the backrestbags and the Travel backpack are connected to the backrest of the chair, this can be done with 1 large belt loop all-over the backrest, or with 2 smaller webbing loops, to each corner of the backrest.


Where is Kinetic Balance based?
We are based in the Netherlands.

Our office address is:

Kinetic Balance B.V.
Scheepmakerstraat 27
2222 AB
Katwijk aan Zee